Telephony + Computer
CTI is a system that integrates telephony and computer. To start from IP-PBX, it is used widely for call center system, interactive voice response (IVR), free phone calls from smartphone and telephone fortune-telling.
Distributed call center system

Virtual call center system for operation
at home Eastem's system allows
operators to work from home.

Telephone fortune-telling system

In addition to fortune-telling, operating efficiency
and usability to handle inbound/outbound phone calls,
sales management can be improved.


All the conveniences of a traditional PBX such as automated line switching, phone extensions can be offered by Eastem's PC type server.

IVR system

This system provides telephone
service to offices and help desks
without a direct intervention by
an operator to connect customers
to desired contacts or departments.

Teleconference system

You can manage job schedule efficiently without constraints of time
and location.