Improved Customer Relationship
Interactive Voice Response system.
Without telephone operator's assistance, this system helps customers connect to desired contacts or departments.
Interactive Voice Response

[IVR function (Interactive Voice Response)]
This system provides telephone support without a direct intervention by an operator to connect customers to desired contacts or departments.
This system can also take and respond courteously to incoming calls from customers even at night and on holidays, thereby minimizing potentially missed opportunities.
IVR system for help desk or office can be customized according to your setup plan.
Recording messages and voice flow control/management can be easily implemented.

IVR system can be integrated with charging/billing, customer management and e-mail delivery systems.

[Showcase examples]
> Interactive Voice Response System for support desk and office
*This is a function to let a caller select his/her needed information by pushing buttons/keys under the guidance of computer that is activated after receiving the incoming call.
> Simultaneous connection of multiple conversations over the telephone line