Fortune-telling + Telephony + Email
Fortune-telling can be given anytime anywhere by phone calls or e-mails.
Our system to manage customers and fortune-tellers, its tabulating system,
and operating tools of these systems are fully loaded with our expertise
and technologies acquired through the fortune-telling system development.
Telephone fortune-telling system

fortune-telling system
You can talk with a fortune-teller if his/her profile caught your fancy.
fortune-telling system
Via internet, you can send e-mails to request consultation with a fortune-teller anytime.

[Benefits of implementing telephone fortune-telling system]
> Cost of phone calls can be drastically reduced.
> Functions of collect calls and voice warps will not be required.
> Management of membership information becomes available. Customer management system.
> Money received by credit card or by real-time electronic fund transfer can be made available to you immediately.
> Pay-for-call per each conversation and email exchange can be charged at metered rate.
> Collection of fees from members will be easy with the help of various different payment methods.
> Customers drawing power will be increased thanks to the function to distribute advertising emails.

[Showcase examples]
There are many systems introduced in the past.