Idea >> System construction
We clarify unclear points and points of concern prior to the introduction of Eastem's system and make a proposal of the system that meets client needs based on the client's idea. Please contact us for consultation if you have the difficulty in materializing your idea.
Do you have any point of concerns related to the introduction of Eastem's system?
Eastem supports clients in various ways to cast aside concerns if any.

[Q1] We want to promote our business through web site advertising(homepage) but for us it is difficult to create such homepage.
[A1] Eastem takes care of it and creates a homepage.

[Q2] If we are to request Eastem to create our homepage, we want it looks professional and original.
[A2] Eastem takes care of it. Eastem's staff and in-house professional WEB designers are ready to listen to you and put your ideas into shape.

[Q3] We are not familiar with internet infrastructure setup arrangement including setting up phone lines and internet lines.
[A3] Eastem's contractors can help arrange internet infrastructure setup for you and may propose phone/internet lines best suited for your system.

[Q4] Set up a bank account only to receive money from users might not provide users enough options.
[A4] Don't worry about it. The payment system, which is linked to the system run by Eastem's group companies and allows payment by credit cards or different types of e-money via convenience store, can be included into a proposed package to you.

[Total support]
As described above, Eastem's service does not end at the new system development and its delivery to clients. Eastem offers clients the total support including homepage designing that is an essential tool for advertisement, equipment setup arrangement for new system, setting up internet infrastructure and a package of easy payment systems for users in view of providing users with a better system.
Please contact us for consultations about "Web-advertisement", "Email advertisement", "Listing advertisement", "Affiliate advertisements" and various magazine advertisements.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or uncertainties.