Cost of phone calls can be drastically reduced.
Membership information management,
Email delivery and payment functions can
be integrated into this fortune-telling system.

Eastem's system bas been used by many
fortune-telling service providers.

CTI server can provide secretarial service
(as a secretary center) or call center service,
and also can handle outbound phone calls.

Hishocenter Co., Ltd. and others

We developed "Kuruten" system that
is operated by Kurukurutengai Co., Ltd.

PPR blog "BUROKURU" and others

Implementation and deployment of
payment systems that can be integrated
with WEB contents and CTI system.

It is used by TV broadcast stations
thanks to the real time updating of
operational status and tabulating system.

"DORAEMON" donation run by TV Asahi Corporation and others

This system confirms the safety of victims
of disasters or in emergency situations by
telephones or emails. In times other than disaster,
it can be used for different applications
such as a message board.

Azabu University and others