Disaster + Safety + Confirmation
This is a system to confirm the safety of personnel involved
in disaster or emergency situation. Safety will be confirmed
by telephone call or email.
Safety confirmation system

The most important thing to do among many decisions during natural disasters such as earthquake and tsunami, man-made disaster, accident, or terrorist attacks is to grasp and assess the situation quickly. The first step to take for the correct management judgment on whether to continue or restart the business activity shall be to confirm the safety of employees and grasp the entire picture of damages on the scene as quickly as possible. Messenger system that activates in an emergency situation without fail is a must for an enterprise to become disaster resilient. Critical Messenger (emergency messaging system) is a system having such capabilities.

[Showcase examples]
> TV Asahi Corporation

> Azabu University
Eastem's system will confirm the safety of professors, college students and their protectors via email or telephone in the time of disaster. In times other than disaster, we use Eastem's system in different areas such as a tool for message board.