New System + Conversion
Conversion from another company's system currently used by the client to the Eastem's existing operating system (new system implementation is also possible) .
Services to convert membership and customize additional functions are also available.

> We want to convert our system from another company's one to the Eastem's system.
> We want to replace our old system equipment with new ones.
> We are considering renewal of our system (service, contents).
> We are mulling over the replacement of our system in use as we cannot expect continued support from a provider down the road.
> Current maintenance support is problematic for us.
> We want to add CTI service to our current WEB service.
> We want to add payment/settlement function.
> We are considering renewal of our system and looking for a less expensive system deployment.
We are helping clients who expressed above desires/plans.'

We support clients to outline a program, build database and learn modus operandi after we listen to clients.
Please contact us for consultation about membership conversion and other needed data conversion; we are ready to respond to your request.

Please feel free to contact us for consultation about issues other than system conversion such as integration of new functions or customization.