Compact Call Center
Standard package of the Eastem's system including ACD, CRFM, phone call recording and other basic functions required to run a call center. Teleconference system construction can be based on the size of a call center and number of telephone lines.

[ Distributed Call Center System ]
CTI server receives incoming calls from customers and transfers to operators in the call center or working at home. Operators as receptionists of each company handle these calls. CTI server automatically distributes a number of customers as a group, then dedicated CRM system stores, organizes and manages inquiries from clients and customers.
Eastem's system can also perform attendance management and written reports management system in addition to the function to share the data of each client. Contents of services provided by each call center may vary subject to plans or requirements of each call center operator or staff assigned to supporting jobs.
However, though PBXs supplied by major corporations are multi-functional, you often have to operate them within a predetermined framework, haven't you? Eastem' s system is built on the basic package; however, it is flexible enough and can incorporate additional functions resulting from the change of operating policy in addition to customization to meet various operating procedures or services proposed by each company.

[Examples of CTI server operation]
CTI server can provide secretarial service (as a secretary center) or call center service, and also suitable for handle outbound phone calls.

[Standard call center system package "A9central"release(October, 2011 release)]
Suitable for handling outbound phone calls.Distributed call center system

Distributed call center system

[Showcase Example]
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