Email delivery system
+ Error management
This email delivery system during emergency not only sends out emails but also controls over emails undelivered for some reasons or in response to delivery status notifications.
This system immediately sends out emails to deliver emergency earthquake prompt-report and emergency text messages to employees, school students and municipalities. In tandem with Critical Messenger (safety confirmation system), safety of the people and entire scope of the damage in disaster areas can be grasped; it is the first step to make the correct management decision whether to continue or resume business activity early on. Emergency messaging system that can be activated without fail is a must for any disaster resilient business enterprise

There are a few problems emerging from e-mail delivery to online members as follows:
> Destination unreachable due to the address change,
> Sent e-mail was blocked by recipient,
> Delaying and blocking by carriers,

Although there are various other troubled situations, Eastem's system recognizes problems soon and handles error e-mails depending on situations by stopping distributing e-mails when the system recognized error messages such as “destination unreachable” or “sent e-mail blocked”, or re-distributing e-mails when delayed by the carrier.
* If you continue sending e-mails to the destination address unreachable, carriers may determine you as a spammer and your e-mails will be blocked.

[1] Mail delivery
[2] Error codes in response
 550   Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable [E.g., mailbox not found, no access]
The required email processing was not carried out. A mailbox is not offered.
(e.g.: there is no mailbox or can't access the email address)
 551   User not local; please try
User not local; please try <forward-path>
[3] Redelivery or Embargo on delivery